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Pizza is a popular Italian dish that consists of a round, flat base of leavened wheat-based dough topped with tomatoes, mozzarella, and other toppings before being cooked at a high temperature, usually in a wood-fired oven.

It’s undeniable that this Italian dish is one of Filipinos’ favorite snacks, even though it originates in Italy. The love of Filipinos for this food is distinct. Even though the dish is from another country, it still suits the Filipino taste.

We all know that many are already selling pizza, so in this article we will try to help you discover the top 5 must-try pizza parlors in Rizal.

1. Charred Dough Pizza

Charred Dough Pizza is a Neapolitan-style pizza that is flame-grilled in their pizza oven, giving it a unique flavor and texture. It has 3 each of Classic Flavors and Premium Pizza varieties. They highly recommend their Quattro Queso, this is their version of 4-cheese pizza. If you’re looking for something more fancy or unique in flavor, their Truffled Mushroom is your definite go-to. It is located at EMAX Building L. Sumulong Memorial Circle Antipolo City. They also have branches in Angono, Rizal and Katipunan, Quezon City.

2. Cielo Blu

Cielo Blu specializes in Neapolitan-style pizzas, with a crust made up of a series of dark charred spots that have a unique flavor because of their highly refined dough. Parmigiana Pizza, made with fried eggplant, ground beef, Fiordilatte, Pecorino Romano, and extra virgin olive oil, is one of the Neapolitan-style pizzas you should try. This pizzeria in Taytay Rizal is a must-try.

3. Pizza Wood

Pizza Wood is an Italian-style pizzeria with locations in Antipolo, Rizal, Padilla, and Marikina City. Their Top 4 pizzas, the Supreme, All Meat, White Hawaiian, and White Supreme, are proudly recommended and will undoubtedly satisfy your pizza cravings.

4. Amarah’s Corner

Amarah’s Corner is located in Angono, Rizal, on the second floor of the Olympian Tire Shack building on ML Quezon Avenue San Isidro. They have Supreme Pizza, including All Meat Pizza, Bacon and Ham, Beef & Bacon Overload, Triple Cheese, and the Overload trio which combines Beef & Mushroom, Beef and Bacon Overload, and Pepperoni Overload. Their pizzas are entirely made with Mozzarella cheese so that you can taste the cheesy delight in every bite.

5. Hungry N’ Go Pizza House

Hungry N’ Go Pizza House has a wide variety of options whether you want to eat meat or vegetables; they have you covered. Their pizza is Neapolitan in style and comes in ten different flavors: American Cheese Burger, Hawaiian, Pepperoni, All Meat, Pesto Shrimp, Creamy Spinach, Supreme, Five Cheese, Truffle Cream, and Prosciutto Burrata. You will never run out of options at this pizza parlor because they have so much to offer. This pizzeria is located in Binangonan, Rizal.

Pizzas are a well-known Italian cuisine that we Filipinos like, not just because of their taste but also because of how creative they are. When creating pizzas, we may customize the toppings and tastes to our hearts’ content. I hope that this article has been of great help in discovering the must-try pizzerias in Rizal.

Note: You can get all the information about the five pizzeria businesses featured in this article on Facebook by simply searching their business names.

Disclaimer: Credit to the rightful owners. We do not intent copyright infringement with these photos.

© Steven Cavalida
De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde Antipolo

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