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About Us

When in Rizal is a social media page that features places, businesses, foods, news and best people in the Provice of Rizal.


Our vision is to promote the tourism of Rizal and all its undiscovered wonders and beauty. To support entrepreneurs and SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) in the province by giving them the right exposure in our social media platforms by helping them out through digital marketing. To give latest news and updates about Rizal. To showcase the culture and how it contributes to the life of successful individuals here in Rizal. To make every Rizaleños be aware of the beauty of the province and the importance of sustaining it.


To make Rizal as one of the favorite and one of the top tourist destination here in the Philippines. To support entrepreneurs upscale their businesses by helping them gain exposure not just here in Rizal but in the whole country. To be the one of the reliable news and updates source in Rizal. To showcase every Rizaleños be involved in our community groups and events. And be with us in promoting the tourism of our province.