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Just an hour away from the metro, Palo Alto Falls is becoming popular to city peeps who like nature outing and swimming but can’t afford to spend longer day-offs. The place is also known to bikers and motorcycle riders for it has a huge façade along the winding road of Baras, Rizal. This mountainous part of Rizal is also well known to other falls like Daranak, Batlag, and Wawa Dam.

Source: dbucketlist.com

The place is very quiet, unsaturated and very well maintained. Before you get to the main falls, you have to enjoy a long stairwalks as you get pass the beautiful forest and rock formations inside the resort. Just be careful with your steps as the stones are really hard. As the title said, the water of the falls is very cold, coming from the mountains.
Many might not enjoy it as staying for long in the waters might freeze you to death, but I remind you it’s a fresh water and it is very relaxing. The entrance is very cheap, the place is near from the Metro, so there’s no reason not to go here.

Source: The Shoestring Diaries

Managed by the Sta. Lucia Land, the falls area is open to the public. At the entrance, you will have to take more than 200 steps to reach the falls. The cascade’s water basin, bordered with cemented boulders and stones, serves as a swimming area, with another pool right below it.

Source: The Shoestring Diaries

Location: Palo Alto Leisure and Residential Estates, Barangay Pinugay, Baras, Rizal
Opening Hours: 9:00AM-5:00PM (Monday-Sunday). The opening hours might change
without prior notice, so please check again before visiting.
Entrance Fee: P100/head
Other Fees: P400 (Table and Chairs); P700 Cottage

Disclaimer: Credit to the rightful owners, we do not intent copyright infringement with
these photos.

Rowenalyn Panong
When in Rizal INTERN
University of Rizal System



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