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Just as K-Drama and K-Pop have surged in the entertainment scene, K-beauty is making
inroads in the skincare and cosmetics industry. But is it here to stay? According to the data released
by the Korea Customs Service and Korea Cosmetic Association, South Korean South Korean
cosmetics exports climbed 16.1% to reach nearly USD7.6 billion in 2020 despite the pandemic
Watsons, the leading offline and online (O+O) health and beauty retailer in Asia, was quick
to recognize that K-Beauty “is highly sought after by our Watsons customers even during the
pandemic,” says Susanna Yen, Exclusive Brands Director of Watsons International.

With this, “Watsons has partnered with a number of K-Beauty brands to deliver more choices
to beauty lovers across Asia while helping to incubate up and coming brands to expand their
penetration. Mise En Scène and COSRX are two outstanding examples that show how Watsons has helped K-Beauty brands enter new markets and build up a strong market position
Mise En Scène is a total hair cosmetic brand that offers a diverse range of hair styling
products. The brand’s Perfect Serum has been Korea’s #1 for nine consecutive years with its unique intensive care formula featuring seven nature-derived ingredients. This cult-favorite, along with Mise En Scène’s other popular styling products, is exclusively available in Watsons online and select physical stores, promising shoppers smooth, silky, easy to style, and healthy hair. COSRX, on the other hand, is another K-Beauty brand that has benefited hugely from its
exclusive partnership with Watsons. This skincare brand was launched through Watsons in
Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines exclusively in 2017, resulting in a compound
annual growth rate of over 80%.
Watsons also reinforces the demands for their K-beauty products by highlighting K-Beauty as
part of their Asian Beauty Campaign.

“The demand of K-Beauty products keeps growing but due to the pandemic, customers are
not able to travel to Korea to shop for the hottest K-Beauty products, so we have highlighted

Watsons K-Beauty as part of the Asian Beauty Campaign. With over 5,000 products to choose from in-store and online, Watsons K- Beauty land is expected to become the go-to place for all K-Beauty lovers.” Yuen mentioned.
Watsons’ strong O+O capabilities enable customers to enjoy the benefits of convenient shopping either at home or in-store, which effectively helps K-beauty products and many other
health and beauty brands to engage and connect with its target customers. In the Philippines, Mise EnScene, COSREX and other K-beauty brands are available at
Watsons stores located in most SM Supermalls nationwide.

For more health and beauty updates, visit their Facebook Page @Watsons and their website https://www.watsons.com.ph/

Disclaimer: Credit to the rightful owners. We do not intend copyright infringement with these photos.

Kristine Rose Eugenio


University of Rizal System


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