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Annyeong! Kimchi Kingdom is right in your area!

Are your taste buds ready to be conquered by Kimchi Kingdom’s mouthwatering Korean dishes? Because Rizal’s favorite Authentic Korean Restaurant has expanded its domain to Marikina! Now, people of Marikina City can enjoy a large variety of Korean cuisines from, Teokbokki, Samgyupsal, Tansuyuk, and many more.

Kimchi Kingdom’s food is not only delicious but also affordable too; so now you can get a taste of Korean Cuisine without breaking the bank. If you visit their Marikina branch, you’ll be greeted with their kind and accommodating staff and also their restaurant itself has this very comfy and relaxing ambiance making you feel right at home.

For those who are wondering how authentic Kimchi Kingdom’s food is, well we can confidently say that they make 100% Authentic Korean Dishes because they were made by a Korean chef and cooked using the traditional way, so you won’t have any doubts when it comes to the taste and the quality of their dishes.

Our team went to their Marikina Branch and we got the chance to try out some of their food. Here’s our #WIRPHRecommends list for foods that you should try when you visit their branch. For Starters, you can try out their hot soups like their Sundubu, which is a mild spicy soft tofu soup or their Jajangmyeon a sweet black bean instant noodles perfect for appetizers;

and then you can try out some of the K-faves like Teokbokki which is a mild spicy rice cake served with fish cake slices, and you should also try out their Pamuchin (seasoned scallions) and their Sotteok (fried sausage and rice cake skewers);

and for the main dish, we recommend that you try their Jokbal which is a pork trotter marinated in cinnamon and spices, and their Bossam (Steamed pork belly in spices and coffee) and last but not the least, their Jeukbokkum which is a mild spice and sweet stirred pork and veggies, all of which are cooked in K-Style!

Overall, we highly recommend you to try out Kimchi Kingdom as your go-to authentic Korean restaurant most especially if you live near their branches in Marikina and Antipolo. For more information about their menu and other food items, please refer to their official Facebook pages which will be linked below.



#67 Lilac Street, Concepcion Dos, Marikina City

Marikina Store Hours: 11:30am – 7:30pm

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/KimchiKingdomMarikina/


Aqua Huts Private Resort, Taktak road, Sta. Cruz Antipolo Rizal

Antipolo Store Hours: 10:30am – 8:30pm 

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/KimchiKingdom

Disclaimer: Credit to the rightful owners. We do not intend copyright infringement with these photos.

Pio Angelo Despi


De La Salle College of Saint Benilde Antipolo Campus

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