4th of July last year, Kaulayaw Coffee started a pop-up booth in the second floor of their building. And who would have thought that this “Pandemic baby” business would have and expansion 5 months from the time they started the business.

8th of December 2020 when Kaulayaw Coffee had their expansion. From occupying one floor, now they are occupying 2 floors in their building. And because of their expansiom, they were able to help more local farmers and help their local community in Antipolo by providing jobs. Most of their staff are members of 4Ps (Pantawid pamilyang Pilipino Program) and working students who finance their own education.

Since Kaulayaw business has been so blessed inspite of the pandemic, the company was able to also extend help in their local community. They organized Sumulong Community Pantry and other outreach programs during Typhoon Ulysses. They also partnered with Philippine Red Cross and had a blood donation drive.

Months have passed then the time came when Kaulayaw Coffee was hit by the spotlight. They were featured in different shows, local programs and their shop have been visited by some actors and social media influencers.

Chef Alyssa with Love Anouver. Kaulayaw Coffee was featured in Unang Hirit.

Lot of reasons to celebrate, indeed.

Our team was invited to be in Kaulayaw Coffee’s First Anniversary celebration. It was a celebration full of inspiration and love. The President of Kaulayaw Coffee, Ms. AJ Cabarles and also one of the owner Chef Allysa Janine Niño had their heartfelt stories and messages to all everyone who supported their business.

The night was filled with acoustic music of Slowdough and good food specially prepared by Chef Allysa.

We had a 3-course meal inspired with some of our Filipino favorites. We had Kilig. It was poached shrimps over crispy kangkong and white radish with red radish, taro ouree and sinigang caviar. Yugto, pork Adobo on Pate Feuilletee topped with Potato Puree, Pickled Red Relish, Seared Egg and Dill. And of course Palitaw De Sumaka for dessert. It has roasted cashew, coconut and sesame palitaw on chilled mango puree topped with white chocolate and mint.

They also set-up a food stand with ice scramble, fishballs, kikiam and kakanin.Of course, the night wouldn’t end without having Iced Caramel Macchiato one of  Kaulayaw’s best tasting coffee.

Kaulaway Giveaway/Takeaway

It was such a great night. Congratulations again Kaulayaw Coffee!

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