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Young trees were cut down, multiple structures were installed and large portion of the Masungi Reforestration Area were illegally burned and cleared. Confirming what could be seen on these aerial images, these burnings and clearings were done in patches and consolidated systematic manner.

Masungi Georeserve had their documentation mission and found out that there are persons in the area. And said that they were so-called “association of farmers” (mga “magmamais at manggugulay”) who were recently invited and brought into the protected area which is one of the most common tactics by people with vested interests to occupy forest land.

October 2020, Masungi Geroreserve reported that some private firms have installed armed guards in the same area. This evidently shows that this is not a coincidence. The Masungi Georeserve protected area should be free from any human exploitation. And these environmental violators should be stop and be immediately removed and barred in this critical watershed.

Persistent environmental violators must be immediately removed and barred from the critical watershed and protected area, which by law should be “free from human exploitation.”

Help us save and protect

Masungi Georeserve, sign the #NotoQuarryinMasungi Petition

Link: bit.ly/savemasungi


We are looking for volunteers to join the movement for awareness, appreciation, vigilance and protection of pristine environmental spots in the province of Rizal.

Just sign up through our online form.

Online Form Link: bit.ly/2Aj29m9


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