Source: Kamp Maysawa

Sa Kamp Maysawa, ‘di ka magsasawa!

If you’re looking for a breather, a getaway, or an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, then going to Kamp Maysawa is the way to go. This exclusive camp will allow you to detox yourself from all the stress caused by school, work, and social media. Let yourself loose once in a while, and enjoy the company of friends, family, and nature! You can experience this in Kamp Maysawa!

Source: Kamp Maysawa

This cabin camp is located in Sitio Maysawa. This is the perfect spot to enjoy nature as it is surrounded by mountains and far away from the city. You can experience the perfect escape here. And don’t worry, there’s no signal here. Yup, you read that right. Experience being off-the-grid in this camp with no worries about being suddenly contacted for work or other stressful matters! You can fully enjoy your stay having your attention focused only on your friends, family, nature, and most importantly, yourself.

Source: Kamp Maysawa

You’ll be staying in a very cosy cabin. The cabin itself does not have any windows and is open which means you’ll be able to appreciate more the fresh wind and sounds that nature has to offer. The cabin includes an indoor and outdoor living room area where you can hang out. The kitchen and the second-floor attic provide you with an amazing view which would also serve as your bedroom.

You can save some luggage space as the kitchen already comes fully equipped with kitchenware. You can cook either indoors on their gas stove or grill outdoors. You don’t have to worry about drinking water as well because it is also already provided by the owner!

Source: Kamp Maysawa

The camp has a 4.5ft swimming pool, outdoor dipping tubs, and jacuzzies. What’s more, is that the water used in the swimming pool is from natural running fresh mountain spring water. So you can enjoy a nice cold or hot dip depending on which you prefer.

Source: Kamp Maysawa

Hammocks are also everywhere. If you want to go nature viewing, have a nap, or just zone out, you know you want that hammock! I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a good hammock, right?

Source: Kamp Maysawa

At night, you can huddle over a campfire and play some music. The owner also lets you borrow their guitar and bongo drums. Roast some marshmallows, have ice-cold drinks, and just spend the night away with laughter, music, and good food. Just mind your noise levels to not disturb other neighbours.

Something you also need to know is that the camp runs on battery and solar power, so lighting and electricity are limited, especially at night. You can still charge your phones with USB ports that they have in camp. For perishables and beverages, the camp provides an ice block and icebox.

Source: Kamp Maysawa


From Cubao, Quezon City

  • Coming from Cubao, take a cab or jeepney to Cogeo. Trips are from 4 AM to 5 PM. Get down at Cogeo Gate 2 or Padilla. (28Php, 45 mins)
  • Take another jeepney to Sampaloc, Jeepneys here are from 5 AM to 5 PM and leave at every 30 mins. Get off at Sitio Maysawa waiting shed. (65Php, 1.5hrs)
  • Ride a tricycle to Treasure Mountain Gate. Near this gate is Nanay Minda’s Parking Space, you will see a sign for this. (50Php/pax)
  • A short trek of 15-20 minutes until you reach Kamp Maysawa.

Private Transportation

  • Using Waze or Google Maps, search for Treasure Mountain, Tanay. Around 50 meters before you reach the destination look for the sign “Nanay Minda’s Parking Space”. You can park there for 100php/night since only 4×4 vehicles can go from this point. You can now start a short 15-20 minute trek towards Kamp Maysawa.


  • The owner offers their 4×4 vehicle if you don’t want to walk from the parking space to the camp. Although they would only be able to confirm the availability of this on the day of your check-in.
  • Strictly no pets are allowed inside the cabin house.


  • P7,000 Friday – Saturday
  • P6,500 Sunday – Thursday
  • P250/head excess of 20 pax. Max of 30 pax.


  • Base rates are good for a base of 20 pax. Base rates would apple regardless if your group is less than 20 pax.
  • 5 PM check-in, 3 PM check out.
  • 22 hours stay!
  • Since this is an exclusive camp, be sure to reserve ahead of time for your schedule.

For more details be sure to visit their Facebook page here

Address: Sitio Maysawa, Brgy. Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal

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