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One of the blessings of being homebound during the pandemic is that it has brought us closer to family members that stay with us – parents, spouses, kids. It has also brought us closer to our pets, who have brought us comfort, laughter, and fun during challenging times.

And as we refurbish our homes to accommodate WFH arrangements, online classes, and other new normal adjustments, it may be a good idea to dedicate a space for our furry friends.

Pets, after all, also need their own personal space. Dogs and cats are prone to sleepiness, irritability, and personal boundary violations just like their pet parents. Whether it’s a well-appointed crate, or a small area in your bedroom or living room, creating a sense of security for your pets will keep them emotionally safe and physically comfortable.

           Pet Express, the one-stop shop for all your pet’s essentials, has a wide variety of high-quality pet food, toys, dog beds, crates, climbing gyms, and other accessories, that will keep your home a haven for your pets. Here are some practical tips on how to keep your home pet-friendly:

  • Create a cozy corner for your pet. By assigning their place, you will be able to train them and provide a bed space for your pet to rest and unwind.
  • For small breeds and small pets like cats, who like to cling to their pet parents, putting a small bedding area for them in your living room or under the dining space will make them secure and safe.
  • Have a clean designated dining space for your pet. Do not forget to store your Pet food properly that is out of your pet’s reach. Get an automated Pet feeder so mealtimes can be fun.
  • Organize your pet needs and accessories in a shelf or cabinet. Remember to keep it within your reach.
  • Pet-proof your home. Set up a retractable fence to set boundaries between yours and your pet’s space.
  • Hide their pet bowls and litter box. Give your cat some privacy and provide a small screen to their litter box in a corner.
  • Dogs love to bathe and play on wet area. Provide them a space in your wet area by adding a platform for their muddy paws and a quick wash after a play.
  • Keep your pets active. It is important to give your dog something to chew on like treats or rubber toy; while cats should have a scratching post or climbing trees on their active days.
  • As you bathe and groom your pet, you should keep their area clean and germ-free as usual. Use pet-friendly disinfectant and cleaners in keeping their nook clean and tidy.
Create a small space for your pet in your home.
Cats can rest and play in this Climbing Gym
This Cat Jungle Tree is made from highly durable compressed wood, wrapped with high-quality faux fur to keep your cats warm and cozy.
Do not forget to give your pet some privacy by hiding your cat’s litter boxes.
Nina Ottoson Pet Stages Melon Madness
Adorable 2-in-1 cat bowl for your feline friend.
Dogs sleep between 12 to 18 hours a day so they will be happy with a comfy bed to snooze.
Make feeding your pet easy with this Doggo Automatic Feeder.
This Economical and earth-friendly washable training pad provides leak-proof protection on hard surfaces.
Pet-Proof your home with this retractable Pet Fence.
Meal time will always be fun for your dogs with this Nina Ottoson Wobble Bowl puzzle dog toy.
Give your pet a dry-easy air shower after their bath.
Doggo Tough Swirly Cone Rope Toy
Spray Muddy Paws- OFF LIMITS on the surfaces you want to keep off-limits to your pets.
Keep your pet’s kennel clean with this Kleen Kenel Disinfectant Cleaner
Muddy Paws Pet Area Deodorizer and Protect Plus Gold are environment-friendly germ busters that can kill 99.9% of disease-causing germs.

Pet parents can now place their order online thru www.petexpress.com.ph and on their Call and Collect services in selected branches and shop thru a PAWSONAL SHOPPER at 0917.8091864. Also, Pet Express is now open at The SM Stores in SM Megamall, SM Marilao, SM Bicutan, SM East Ortigas, SM Marikina, and SM Novaliches. For more info and updates, follow PetExpressPH on Instagram and Facebook.

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