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Ang sabi nga ng Ben&Ben, “Mahiwaga, Pipiliin ka sa araw araw”.

Camp Mahiwaga truly is a camp that you would choose every day. It is a place to release stress, create new memories, and reconnect with nature.

Camp Mahiwaga is an exclusive campsite located in Morong, Rizal. Experience the true beauty of nature. There’s no electricity in the camp, which means no distractions! Just perfect for campers!

Credits to: Camp Mahiwaga | @campmahiwaga

Don’t have enough time? Don’t worry, you can choose Day Camping for only ₱50. Just bring a tent with you, set up camp near the campfire, sit back, and forget all your worries. This also makes it an ideal place for bikers and riders as a stop to rest up and relax.

Here are their Entrance Rates:

Day Camping (7 AM – 4 PM) – ₱50/pax

Overnight Camping (4 PM – 9 AM) – ₱150/pax

Overload Camping (7 AM – 9 AM) – ₱200/pax

Automatic Slot Reservation – ₱300/slot

  • Slots have a max of 8 pax
  • Bonfire
  • Log Seat
  • Exclusive Space
  • Can put up 4-5 tents

Tent Pitching – ₱100/tent

Credits to: Camp Mahiwaga | @campmahiwaga

Feel one with nature with the hanging tents in Camp Mahiwaga! You can also choose to stay in one of these treehouse-like tents! No need to worry about getting wet or insects too because these tents already come equipped with a mosquito net and a rain tarp. 

The hanging tent also comes with a mattress already available. Each hanging tent can accommodate 2-3 adults or 2 adults and 1 child. We really recommend you to try these tents out. I mean, how often would you get to experience spending the night in one of these?

These are the Hanging Tent Rates:

Day Camping (7 AM – 4 PM) – ₱800 + Entrance

Overnight Camping (4 PM – 9 AM) – ₱1,300 + Entrance

Overload Camping (7 AM – 9 AM) – ₱2,000 + Entrance

Credits to: Camp Mahiwaga | @campmahiwaga

Another option to choose from is Car Camping or Moto Camping. This brings camping to another level. You can set up your car in one of their Car Camping spots and get to experience car camping. This is perfect for those who have 4×4 vehicles or SUVs. It’s easy to set up and much easier to clean up. 

Set up a tarpaulin for some shade for you and your vehicles or rent out one of their cabana slots. It brings a new kind of experience to camping.

Here are their Car Camping, Moto Camping, and Other Rates:

Car Camping Slots – ₱500 + Entrance

Moto Camping (max of 3 motorcycles per slot) – ₱350 + Entrance

Cabana Slot – ₱800

Credits to: Camp Mahiwaga | @campmahiwaga

Team #MountainBike represent!

There are some awesome trails that surround Camp Mahiwaga. So, if you have a mountain bike, don’t forget to bring it. Or better yet, you can ride it going to camp!

You can also choose to rent one of their ATVs. They have beginner trails too, so the only thing you need to worry about is having fun!

Here are their Rental Rates:

ATV Rentals – ₱1,000/hour

Other amenities include:

  • Clean Toilets
  • Activity Area
  • Landscape Lounge

Here are some camping rules to keep in mind!

  • Leave only footprints! As with any campsites, always make sure to clean as you go.
  • Be kind.
  • No loud music. Since the campsite is far from the city, noise travels far. So always remember to respect the neighbors.

Address: Sitio Pugala, Lagundi, Morong, Rizal

Google Maps – https://maps.app.goo.gl/nUeDCzhd9dq112xe7

For any inquiries or further details you can contact them through the following:

Contact Number – 09452562549

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/CampMahiwagaRizal

Disclaimer: Credit to the rightful owners. We do not intend copyright infringement with these photos.

© Carlo Emmanuel Posadas

WIR Intern

De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde Antipolo Campus


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