Biking community in our country has increase because of the pandemic. This is the new normal as they say. And since Rizal is one of the best places here in the Philippines that offers astounding overlooking views and great food, this has been one of the most favorite stop-over location of bikers whether they are not residing or residing in Rizal.

We discover a place in Jala-Jala wherein everyone can chill, relax and enjoy. Perfect hang-out place after every bike ride or Rizal road trip with family and friends. Open for bikers and non-bikers. The concept of this place came from their passion which is biking and came from their family’s love for food.

Bikes and Breakfast is an Al-fresco dining in Jala-jala, Rizal that serves All-day Filipino Breakfast Meals. They serve Bikes & Breakfast combo meal wherein you can choose any 2 (Two) from their silog options like Tapa, Longganisa, Tocino, Corned Beef, Hotdog and Spam. They also have their own version of our favorite Adobo which they called Yeti’s Adobo. They have Elmsworth Hungarian Sausage and Fried Bangus. And their must-try “Mami ni Hermie” which is P55.00 only!

Bikes & Breakfast Combo Meal
Longganisa, Sinangag and Itlog
New addition in Bikes & Breakfast Menu. Hungarian Sausage and Bangus
Yummy Yeti’s Adobo

They have grilled sandwiches that come in Ham and Tuna. Both are serve with cassava chips which they call “Minani”. Minani is a way of cooking. It was so good. The cassava chips was so crispy and crunchy. Another must-try. And for refresher, they have Saging con Yelo and Mais con Yelo.

Tuna and Ham Sandwich with “Minani” or Cassava Chips as side dish (Minani is a way of cooking)
BIkes & Breakfast Creamy Iced Coffee
Mais Con Yelo

Saging Con Yelo. They use locally-source cow milk. Super tasty, healthy and delicious!

The place has a rustic design that matches the serene, garden-fresh ambience of the place. This is a perfect place to relax because the breeze of the air here is so cool and calm. You would also hear birds chirping as you lay down on their hammocks and every spot is instagrammable.

If you want to know them more, check them out here:

Bikes & Breakfast

ADDRESS: 274 I. Pascual St. Brgy. Special District Jala-jala, Rizal


☎️CONTACT NUMBER: (02) 8570-5692


🔗Facebook Account: @bikesnbreakfast

🔗Instagram: @bikesxbreakfast


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