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We all love to travel. Once you get to visit Rizal, you would be definitely love its overlooking mountain views, natural springs and cool breeze of air. Expect that you will be having countless amounts of Instagram posts because we have lot of instagrammable places that everyone can visit.

There is always something fun to try here in Rizal. And I would like to share one of the best experiences I had—and that is FOOD! Food should always be part of a travel experience. We should always try and discover food in the places we go to. Food tells more about someone’s culture, as they say.

I want to share this Bistro café at National Highway Pillia, Rizal. This bistro café is affiliated with Bulawang Floating Restaurant, a known-Filipino Family Restaurant here in Rizal.

Bulawan Bistro Café is a bistro café that offers Filipino dishes with a twist. I so love this place. It has this rustic-homey vibe. The place is clean with some jazz music playing and staff are really accommodating. The food. Superb.

They served all-day breakfast meals, sandwiches, pasta and artisan pizza.

Here are the foods we tried.

For breakfast we had their Alaminos Longganisa, Bagnet Bacon, Breaded Bangus Belly, US Black Angus Tapa and their very special Breakfast ng Kano. We also had coffee and their Squash soup.

For lunch, we tried their Selo’s Ciabatta w/ Herbed Chicken + Crispy Kamote Chips, Aurora’s Sourdough Baguette with Grilled Mushrooms + Crunchy Kamote Chips, Kilawin na Puso ng Saging at Tinapa Pasta and Longganisa Pasta.

For merienda/snack, we had tried their artisan pizza. They have Almusal Pizza, Cacao Pizza, Longganisa Pizza, Pakbet Pizza, Mushroom Pizza, Creamy Spinach and Alugbati Pizza.

If you want to get the most out of your Rizal travel, go and try to dine here. It would all be worth it. They offer the best foods here!

More pictures here: https://www.facebook.com/wheninrizal/posts/935556173956994

Watch out vlog here: https://www.facebook.com/wheninrizal/posts/961449694700975

Bulawan Bistro Café Address: National Highway Halayhayin Pililla, Rizal

Business Hours: 7:30Am to 7:30PM

Facebook Account: Bulawan Bistro Café

Instagram Account: @bulawanbistro

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