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Every now and then, you deserve a break from the stressors of life and the chaos of the city.
Find yourself in a secluded paradise where simple things are made extraordinary!

Source: Spot.ph

Nestled in Tanay Rizal, Balai Tanay Bed and Breakfast is 1-hectare farmland surrounded by a tropical garden and nature. A staycation with family and friends would be more exceptional with their unique jeepney camper!

Source: Village Pipol

The most popular means of transportation in the Philippines was transformed into a 2-story sleeping space with 2 beds that can fit up to 4 people. The jeepney camper does not only have beds but also a small functional kitchen, a shower, and a nearby pool! Indeed, a creative idea to spice up the night.

Source: balaitanay

If you are looking for a spacious area for a large family and friends, Balai Tanay offers accommodation with a balcony called “Holiday Home.” The holiday home includes 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, free wifi, a shared outdoor pool, a backyard, and a parking area. And of course, pets are allowed and from the name itself, they also offer Asian cuisine and beverages. There’s no greater feeling than waking up to a stunning view of the mountains with a delicious meal freshly served on the table.

Source: HikersBay l OneMega

Balai Tanay’s jeepney camper can be booked through the Airbnb website. It is priced at P5,500 (~USD108.88) per night before cleaning and service fees.

However, do note that staycations are not allowed in Tanay during ECQ and MECQ so be sure to check the municipality’s official Facebook page in advance before you book your future stay.

( Source: TheSmartLocal)

Address: Makaira-Daraitan Road, Tanay, Rizal

For further inquiries, be sure to check out their social media pages and contact details:

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/BalaiTanay/

Instagram: @balaitanay

Disclaimer: Credit to the rightful owners. We do not intend copyright infringement with these photos.

Charrise Mary Grafia

WIR Intern

University of Rizal System



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