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What are you usually up to every summer? I bet most people enjoy the sunny season by getting their vitamin sea, tan lines, and flaunting their bikinis in a cool pool. While we absolutely love these activities, there are definitely more ways to make the summer even more unforgettable!

Source:  ATV Adventures Rizal | Instagram

Based in the Sierra Mountain range, ATV Adventures Rizal is the leading all-terrain activity in Rizal and is one of the most visited extreme outdoor activity spots in the country. Since it started in 2016, tourists and visitors from the Metro and nearby provinces have been heading their way to Rizal to experience a one-of-a-kind adventure! 

Source: ATV Adventures Rizal | Instagram

Wondering why you should add ATV Adventures Rizal to your bucket list this summer? Because you’ll never miss out on fun! From mild to wild, ATV Adventures Rizal has all that! Whether it’s your first time getting yourself out of your comfort zone, or you have that fearless spirit continuously seeking for fun, this is certainly the best place for you!

What to expect at ATV Adventures Rizal? Tag along with your family and friends and enjoy these awesome activities at ATV Adventures Rizal!

5. Archery 

Source: ATV Adventures Rizal | Instagram

Aim for your target until you hit the bull’s eye! Archery has always been a popular sport for so long. It is also considered one of the oldest art forms of ancient times. It has been widely used to provide protection and was called “a man’s companion.” However, it is not very common for people to practice archery these days. Why not try something old in a modern way?? ATV Adventures Rizal opened their Outdoor Extreme Facility for people to experience that archery is always a fun thing to do!

Before or during the activity, you need to follow these safety rules:

  • Never point your bow at anyone, even if there’s no arrow drawn (this is important for creating proper shooting habits).
  • Never fire the arrow high into the air as you cannot predict where it’s going to land. An exception is when you’re participating in a flight archery competition.
  • Keep your arrow aimed towards the ground as you nock it.
  • It’s strongly recommended that you wear an arm guard.
  • Never draw an arrow if there are any people between you and your target, even if you don’t intend to shoot yet.
  • Never over-draw your recurve bow (over-drawing is when you pull the string further than the actual length of your arrow). This can result in serious injury and damage to your equipment.
  • Always use a bow-stringer when stringing your bow.
  • If you are using wooden arrows, always check them for cracks or splintering before your shooting session.
  • Make it a habit to always check the bow limbs for any damage before you start shooting.

Fee: 350 php (minimum of 2 pax)

Inclusions: Unlimited arrows, Target Paper and Equipment

(Source: ATV Adventures Rizal)

4. Paintball

Source:  ATV Adventures Rizal | Instagram

They say, “shooting is a louder form of meditation.” And that’s a fact! Guns and other weapons are not always a negative thing. We all have different ways on how to reload ourselves for all the stressors of life, and if you’re that kind of person who enjoys something extreme and louder, you should definitely join an intense paintball match!

How does the game work? Two teams will compete with each other to eliminate players by hitting them with spherical-dye filled pellets and crossing into their opponents’ territory. It not only triggers your adrenaline rush, but also develops teamwork and social skills.

Fee: 350 php (minimum of 2 pax)

Inclusions: 50 bullets, Gears, Vest, Masks and Paintball Gun

3. Horseback Riding

Source: ATV Adventures Rizal | Website

“No hour of life is wasted that is spent in a saddle.” -Wisnton Churchill

Dogs are man’s best friend, but a horse can also be a good companion! Gone are the days when horses were used as the most common mode of transportation. But we can turn back the time and make it happen for a moment! Come close to nature and experience horseback riding while enjoying the panoramic view of mountain ranges.

Safety is the number one priority of ATV Adventures Rizal, so rest assured that the horses are well-behaved and a guide will follow you along the way.

2. Camping

Source: ATV Adventures Rizal | IG & Klook | Google

Bond with your family and friends after a day of fun filled extreme activities! ATV Adventures Rizal guarantees an amazing camping experience as you pitch a tent and uncork a drink under the sky full of stars. Enjoy the city lights and the breeze of fresh air that fills the night. They also offer daytour camping.

Fee: 6500/head (minimum of 2 pax)

Duration: Overnight

Inclusion: Breakfast

1.  Trail Adventures

Explore what lies beyond nature and enjoy what it has to offer! Prepare for some serious road adventure as you explore the Sierra Madre terrain through a series of challenging trails! Off-road driving is what ATV Adventures Rizal is known for. Whether you’re a beginner and just want to experience mountain scenery on a concrete road, or a daredevil that is up to having fun in the mud while splashing through paddles along a bumpy road, ATV Adventures has got you covered!

The following are the types of tours that ATV Adventures Rizal offers:

  • Short Trail 

Perfect for first-timers to get a good feel on ATV riding. Experience mountain scenery while going through flat, concrete roads with a good amount of beginner off roading and creek crossing! This entire tour will be on ATVs (no hiking necessary)

              Fee: 1500 php / head (minimum 4 pax)

              Duration: 1.5- 2 hrs

  • Long Trail

PHP 5500 / head

A combination of our river trail + trekking to a beautiful hidden waterfall after a long exciting journey of rough offroad riding!

Duration: 4-5 hours

Minimum pax: 2 pax

  • Forest Trail

“OLD version”
PHP 2500/ head

Through our exclusive trail, you will experience luscious greenery with a fantastic view while going through rough and challenging roads! This is an all ATV ride throughout the tour!

Duration:2-3 hours
Minimum pax: 2 pax

  • “NEW version”
    PHP 3000 / head

This trail goes through the same exclusive trail as our old version, with the addition of having a short trek going to a hidden waterfall.

Duration :3-4 hours
Minimum pax: 2 pax

  • River Trail

Option 1
PHP 3500/ head

Experience our intermediate trail going through a mix of flat, concrete, bumpy roads leading to a beautiful river.

Option 2
PHP 3700/ head

This is the same as option 1, however, we have activities you can do when we arrive at the river. You can pick one (1) activity.

a.) fun boating (no snacks)
b.) picnic with swimming in the river (includes light

Duration: 3-4 hours
Minimum pax: 2 pax

  • Campsite Day Tour Trail

PHP 4000/ head

One of our most challenging trails going up steep and bumpy hills while experiencing breathtaking views going to our famous campsite where you can take pictures in the newly developed viewing deck.

Duration: 3-4 hours
Minimum: 2 pax

  • Campsite Overnight Trail

PHP 6500/ head

Going through the same challenging trail as our campsite trail but you get to experience the breathtaking 360° view of what mother nature can offer overnight.


– Cooked breakfast

(For now, we only offer this package on weekdays)

Duration: overnight

Minimum pax: 2 pax

  • Jungle Trail

PHP 6500/ head

Your endurance will be tested on this trail as it is almost a full day of riding the ATV through beautiful, scenic, bumpy roads and then having to trek for 30 minutes to find and swim in a hidden waterfall.


– Lunch Food

– Light Snacks and refreshments

Duration: approx. 8 hours

Minimum pax: 2 pax

(Source: ATV Adventures Rizal | Website )

Location: Sapinit Road Barangay San Juan, Antipolo, Rizal

Business hours: 6:00 am- 5:00 pm daily

For further inquiries, be sure to check out their social media pages and contact details:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ATVadventuresRIZAL/

Instagram: @atvadventuresrizal

Mobile: +63 908 894 0771

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://atvadventuresrizal.com/

Disclaimer: Credit to the rightful owners. We do not intend copyright infringement with these photos.

Written by: Charrise Mary Grafia

WIR Intern

University of Rizal System-Angono



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