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Source: Marriott Bonvoy Tours and Activities

This mountain good for beginners and open to public. Mt. Ayngat is becoming one of the most popular mountain in Tanay, Rizal. It is best known for the droplet shaped seat and the sea of clouds view, which many climbers find Instagramable.

Mt. Ayngat is located in Brgy. Cayabu of Tanay, Rizal. It stand at 600 MASL which isn’t very high. Still, the jump of point is low so you have to do the bulk of climbing! Brgy. Cayabu is further down the road of other mountains jump of points such as the equally popular of Mt. Mapalad.

Source: Marriott Bonvoy Tours and Activities

When you wake up here in the morning the mountain breeze will greet you. The ascent to the summit of Mt. Ayngat was hard especially when you were nearing the peak. You can pitch your tents in the summit and have an overnight stay. Then to a foot of the mountain there is a falls called Asmican falls you can swim there and enjoy the nature.

Source: Nomadic at Puso


Feel the nature, enjoy yourself, breath in the fresh air, and don’t forget to take a pictures of the famous droplets and the sea of cloud.

Here is the Mt. Ayngat Itinerary we followed.

12:00 AMMeet up at Cubao. Ride at Aurora Boulevard for Jeeps going to Cogeo Public Market26 pesos
1:00 AMArrive at Cogeo Gate II/Public Market. The first trip going to Cayabu is around 3-4AM
But you can choose to ride tricycle going to San Andres

P45-P50 per pax JeepP200 per pax for tricycle
2:30 AMArrive at San Andres. Ride another tricycle going to Barangay Cayabu.P200 per tricycle. 3-4 person per trike
3:00 AMBarangay Cayabu Jump off. Registration. Get GuideP100 Registration fee
P500 per guide for 5 person
3:30 AMStart trek. Package 3. Mt. Ayngat with Asmican Falls
4:40 AMArrive at the summit wait for the sun rise
7:00 AMHead down going to Asmican Falls
8:30 AMBack at Barangay Cayabu Jump off. Wash upP20 pesos for taking a bath
9:00 AMRide tricycle going to the highway to ride jeepney going back to Cogeo
Take note, Jeepneys passing by maybe full but you can opt to sit on the middle
or Top Load
P200 per trike Cayabu to Highway
P44 Jeepney San Andres to Cogeo
11:00 AMArrive at Cogeo. Lunch time. Or you can ride jeepneys going back to CubaoP26 pesos Cogeo to Cubao

Don’t miss to visit this beautiful place in Tanay Rizal. I hope it helps you to find a place to get some fresh air.

Disclaimer: Credit to the rightful  owners, we do not intent copyright infringement with these photos

 Rowenalyn Panong

 When in Rizal INTERN

 AB Journalism

 University of Rizal System



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