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Going to a restaurant to just eat food seems too basic, don’t you think? Why not try something new and undergo a one-of-kind experience inside Philippines’ most unique restaurants. Dig in to your heart’s content with delicious food paired with amazing views, great ambience and spectacular service which you can experience in these restaurants.

But remember to always follow our government’s minimum health and safety protocols, all these restaurants follow these protocols to ensure your safety and security.

1.Seoul-Sky 100 Revolving Restaurant

If you love Korean food and you want to experience something unique, well Seoul-Sky 100 is the right restaurant for you! Not only do you get to eat authentic Korean dishes but you also get to experience a full 360-degree view of Metro Manila. Yes, you’ve read that right, you get a full 360-degree view of the cityscape by slowly revolving around via a mechanized platform as you eat! Similar concept of revolving restaurants has been done by countries like Singapore, Germany and Macau. Now that’s what I call world class Dining.

Location: Seoul-Sky 100 Revolving Restaurant

33rd Floor MDC 100, Eastwood Ave Corner E. Rodriguez, Bagumbayan, QC

You can visit their Facebook Page at: 


Open Hours:

Monday – Sunday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Source: Wander in You | Facebook

Source: Jonafe Aguaviva, Shai’s Rad Adventure, Keen Keen | Facebook

2. Sonya’s Garden Restaurant Tagaytay

Are you a nature lover and a food lover at the same time? Well look no further because Sonya’s Garden Restaurant has got you covered. Surrounded by the lush greens of nature, you can have a dining experience that is both classy and has the “right-at-home” ambience to it. The next time you go to Tagaytay, make sure to stop by!

Location: Sonya’s Garden Restaurant Tagaytay

Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite, 4123

You can visit their website at:


Open Hours:

Monday – Sunday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

And for only Php750.00 per person you can avail their Rustic Breakfast everyday from 8AM to 10PM the same price also goes with their Classic Buffet of Sonya’s Country Fare available every day, lunch and dinner which includes Garden Salads, Bread and Dips, Pasta, and of course there’s always room for desserts plus beverages!

Source: sonyasgarden.com

3.Labassin Waterfall Restaurant

Situated in Tiaong, Quezon there is a restaurant wherein you can literally eat delicious food beside a waterfall! Labassin Waterfall Restaurant offers you a very unique Filipino Buffet experience wherein you soak your feet in shallow running water as you eat using Kamayan Style.

Location: Labassin Waterfall Restaurant

Villa Escudero, KM 91, Tiaong, Quezon

You can visit their website at:

Open Hours:

Monday – Sunday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Source: jespanola_travel

The restaurant is located right beside a man-made waterfall which is managed by Villa Escudero Plantation and Resort, they consider it as one of their center pieces of attraction because of its uniqueness and beauty. You be the judge, I’d say the Labassin Waterfall Restaurant speaks for itself on this one.

4.Isdaan Floating Restaurant

Take your loved ones for an amazing restaurant experience that feels like you’re in Thailand and Indonesia. Isdaan Floating Restaurant is located in three branches: Nueva Ecija, Laguna, and in Tarlac. Although the environment feels like you’re in another Southeast Asian country, don’t be fooled because this restaurant serves you classic Filipino and seafood dishes served in a bilao style set.

Locations: Isdaan Floating Restaurant (3 Branches)

Gerona, Tarlac

Calauan, Laguna

Talavera, Nueva Ecija

Visit their Facebook Page at:


Open Hours:

Monday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Saturday – Sunday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Source: Isdaan Floating Restaurant | Facebook Page

5. Air Summit Gourmet

Have you tried airplane food before? If yes then you know that the quality of the food isn’t exactly gourmet quality, but if you haven’t tried it yet don’t worry because Air Summit Gourmet is exactly the place you should go to. And yes, before you ask, the restaurant is inside an actual airplane! How cool is that? The Air Summit Gourmet is by far the first and only Airplane restaurant in the entire country. The restaurant is managed by Kamayan sa Palaisdaan.

Location: Air Summit Gourmet

Quezon Brgy, Lucban – Tayabas Rd, Tayabas, Quezon

Visit their Website at:


Open Hours:

Monday – Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Source: kamayansapalaisdaan.com

Staying true to the concept of airplanes, of course the dishes served here are of international cuisines, but don’t worry there are also local Filipino foods to choose from as well. Now talk about a global experience without actually going out of the country!

Source: kamayansapalaisdaan.com

And that concludes our list for the 5 Most Unique Restaurants in the Philippines. If a unique experience is your thing then this list will surely help find what you’re looking for. Make sure to mark all this down or bookmark this article so that you are prepared for your next travel plans. I hope that this list helps.

Disclaimer: Credit to the rightful owners. We do not intend copyright infringement with these photos.

Pio Angelo Despi


De La Salle College of Saint Benilde Antipolo Campus

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